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Friday, August 06, 2004

hewan kontroversial?

Komentar dari: BeNy G <brg994@yahoo.com>

saya jadi ingat ada acara tv dokumenter yang mengisahkan para ilmuwan di eropa berusaha merubah kode genetik babi bahkan mengisolasinya di ruang steril dan hanya diberi makanan yg bersih, para pegwai yg merawatnya pake baju dan helm pelindung (pakaian khusus untuk masuk ruang steril), tapi hasil risetnya tetap membuktikan masih ada penyakit laten yang diidap babi yg tidak bisa dihilangkan meski kode genetiknya dirubah.

Komentar dari: ayahe rahadian <keluarga_nugrohodp@yahoo.co.uk>

dari milis tetangga, mereka juga mengharamkan babi, minimal menganggap bahaya

The following is from Dr. Lee Say Fatt, I believe you should read this.

!!! Pork Awareness (read this carefully) !!!


Try this and see whether the pork you bought has worms. There goes with your "Bak Kut Teh" for those who love it. Most men love to eat this so watch out before it's too late. If you pour Coke (yes, the soda) on a slab of pork, wait a little while, you will SEE WORMS crawl out of it.

A message from the Health Corporation of Singapore about the bad effects of pork consumption. Pig's bodies contains MANY TOXINS, WORMS and LATENT DISEASES.

Although some of these infestation are harboured in other animals, modern veterinarians say that pigs are far MORE PREDISPOSED to these illnesses than other animals. This could be because PIGS like to SCAVENGE and will eat ANY kind of food, INCLUDING dead insects, worms, rotting carcasses, excreta including their own, garbage, and other pigs.

INFLUENZA (flu) is one of the MOST famous illnesses which pigs share with humans. This illness is haboured in the LUNGS of pigs during the summer months and tends to affect pigs and human in the cooler months. Sausage contains bits of pigs' lungs, so those who EAT pork sausage tend to SUFFER MORE during EPIDEMICS of INFLUENZA.

Pig meat contains EXCESSIVE quantities of HISTAMINE and IMIDAZOLE compounds, which can lead to ITCHING and INFLAMMATION; GROWTH HORMONE which PROMOTES INFLAMMATION and growth; sulphur containing mesenchymal mucus which leads to SWELLING and deposits of MUCUS in tendons and cartilage, resulting in ATHRITIS, RHEUMATISM, etc. Sulphur helps cause FIRM human tendons and ligaments to be replaced by the pig's soft mesenchymal tissues, and degeneration of human cartiliage. Eating pork can also lead to GALLSTONES and OBESITY, probably due to its HIGH CHOLESTEROL and SATURATED FAT content.

The pig is the MAIN CARRIER of the TAENIE SOLIUM WORM, which is found in it flesh.

These tapeworms are found in human intestines with greater frequency in nations where pigs are eaten. This type of tapeworm can pass through the intestines and affect many other organs, and is incurable once it reaches beyond a certain stage. One in six people in the US and Canada has RICHINOSIS from eating trichina worms, which are found in pork. Many people have NO SYMPTOMS after having pork. When they do have any sickness in long term, they resemble symptoms of many other illnesses. These worms are NOT noticed during meat inspections.

!!! Pork Awareness (read this carefully) !!!

published by: RaKa Mardika @ 6.8.04


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